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Off With The Bug To Safeguard!

In order to safeguard people and animals from various types of serious illnesses, man has discovered ways of providing immunizations in the form of injections or oral drops. Through strict regimental immunization programmes, there are many violent illnesses that have been completely irradiated from this world. Smallpox, which was rampant in the early years of the last century is one such illness that is no longer found in the world.

All this, thanks to the power of immunization.

It is not just humans that are immunized against illnesses. For example, all pet dogs are routinely immunized against parvodog, distemper and the dreaded rabies viruses.
Immunization is always done with the sole aim of protecting those we love from serious illnesses that can cause devastating effects, even leading up to death, from virus and bacterial infections.

Comparatively speaking though, influenza is a very mild illness for the vast majority of us. It is a very highly contagious and easily spread virus, which also evolves very rapidly. It generally slows us down, but very rarely does it causing any kind of lasting damage. The high possibility of its spread is generally a big inconvenience to everybody. When one member of a household contracts the virus, at least a few of the other members of that household are bound to get infected too. In the workplace too, where you don’t generally get too close to your colleagues physically, the influenza virus spreads very easily. This is because of the lack of ventilation and air circulation, and the constant use of the air conditioning system which recycles the air that we breathe.

This is why it is important to ensure that you are well armed at all times with the flu vaccinations in Adelaide.

The flu vaccination is a simple yet effective method by which to promote increased wellness among your staff and among those in your family. It reduces the down time suffered by everybody which reduces productivity at many levels.

By administering the immunization at the correct time (generally a little before the onset of the influenza season in April) you save yourself, your staff and your families as well as anyone who may come in to contact with you (such as those who travel in the same public transport system as you) a lot of tiredness, aches and pains and runny noses and that generally miserable feeling of un-wellness.

No one wants to go through that. So have yourself immunized in time to avoid a lot of trouble to a lot of people. Make sure that you and all those around you remain healthy, happy and productive at all times.

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