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For Food Lovers; The Headache Solvers


For those who suffer from daily headaches (that have already been checked out by a physician) should know that there are some food that have been proven to actually help mitigate the pounding in your head and the overall dead mood left after the headache is gone. As the headaches usually have a range of causes, it is sometimes a problem identifying what exactly is the cause. In most cases the symptoms end up being things like fatigue, malaise, vertigo and such.


If you know you case of the throbbing headache and noises being perceived louder than normal is due to an excessive amount of alcohol consumed the earlier night, having some salad in the morning will help you get rid of the ache between your ears. The root case for hangovers is dehydration but drinking water is not the best tasting offer in the morning either. make a salad, without any causes for your food allergies in Perth including, with a blend of lettuce types for high water content like spinach, butter lettuce, romaine, escarole, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers and such that will increase your body’s water content without making you actually drink it.


Known as a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it reduces size of blood vessels, coffee is known to be a headache reducer. Usually coffee is best for migraines, seasonal caused headaches, colds and such as it does not constrict your blood vessels too much but does it for a long time. Coffee beans also have ingredients that reduce the levels of histamine in blood which can help with any food or drinks that you have taken accidentally which ignites your food allergies and reactions from the body. Phytochemicals are known antioxidants that help boost immune systems and will help you stay healthy.


Known as a miracle food, bananas are the best to have when you have an upset stomach or a headache. High in magnesium which relax blood vessels and high in potassium which is vital for electrolyte balance are the two main ingredients in a banana diet which will help you get back your water levels to normal levels and also replenish your vitamin levels. The potassium will help your recover from nausea, headaches, muscle fatigues and internal injuries faster. Get to know more natural treatment methods over here

Apart from this list of food, anything concoction that you can cook up in last minute like a smoothie or a salad that has high water content food items like grapes, lettuce, watermelon, cucumber, grapefruit, pineapple, celery, blueberry, melon, tomatoes and such will help you recover from a headache faster.

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