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An Overview Of Emergency Department In Hospitals

An emergency department of a hospital is also known as an emergency room or casualty department. This department is a place where specialized medical treatment is provided to critical patients. Nowadays, a few states have arranged separate emergency departments outside the hospitals. Those departments are known as free standing emergency departments and these departments have shorter waiting time compared to hospital emergency departments. 

The department needs varieties of equipment to do its work

This department needs various types of equipment, like Shower trolley, and approaches. The ED physicians must have expertise in usage of this equipment.

Apart from emergency medicine and medical instruments, quality theatre bed and transport beds are important parts of emergency departments. These are in fact the essentials to attend serious patients out there.

Most of the emergency departments in hospitals are found in the ground floor of the building. Some parts of the department are always kept ready for immediate treatment of unplanned patients, and this stage is called “triage”.

Triage stage is fulfilled by nurses in most of the hospitals. Other health care specialists, like physicians and paramedics, can also perform this stage. Advanced life support system is also kept ready for critical patients. Patients with trauma are attended by radiographs, residents, ambulance personnel, hospital pharmacist and respiratory therapists. Advanced diagnostic tests like CT or MRI, ultrasonography, blood and urine tests are available in emergency department itself.

Some emergency departments have special arrangement, named pediatric department, for children. There is a separate psychiatric department for psychiatric problems even within emergency department.

The critical conditions common in emergency departments

The most critical conditions faced by emergency departments are cardiac arrest, heart attack, trauma, mental illness and asthma. These emergency trolley are also available in military camps. There enlisted personnel provide added support to militaries.

Some hospitals provide care coordination and support even at homes of patients who are the frequent visitors to the hospitals. A few hospitals also arrange housing for short period of time to homeless patients after getting discharge. Apart from emergency treatment, emergency department also provide advices regarding sleep, physical exercise and companion of families. Emergency department always remain over crowded.

The patients of emergency department can get admitted without previous appointment. This department is basically found in hospitals and other medical centers. Some of the patients might be too serious and they must need immediate attention. The department must arrange every type of treatment as patients get admitted without prior notice. This department operates 24 hours in a day and staffing arrangement is also available every moment.

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