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Alternative Treatments To Common Ailments

Medicine and treatment of illnesses has changed significantly in the last centuries and medicine has improved and a lot less people are dying from illnesses that were once believed to be fatal. In the past, humans depended on different herbs, plants and other natural cures to help them get over an illness but the knowledge about these illnesses was very limited and it was very common for people to die of these illnesses that are now considered common place. The simply flu that each of us contracts every few months was a major course of death in the past and in addition to illness, many women died of child birth which is the most common thing in the world.

Fortunately with time, doctors and medical professionals discovered antibiotics that have been a miracle cure for many illnesses improving the medical system significantly. However there is also a major down fall to the modern medical system where doctors seem to rely too much on antibiotics even for the most common illnesses such as the common cold and the flu where humans today have come to depend severely on these antibiotics instead of their own immune systems to fight common and minor illness. In addition to humans taking too many antibiotics on their own, the food that humans consume such as meat and dairy is also laced with numerous antibiotics making humans immune to the effects of antibiotics. As a result, surprisingly many people today have begun to turn away from modern medicine and instead have begun to return to Ayurveda treatments and acupuncture as a way of treating illness.

Avoiding illness through food

In the past, humans learnt the art of avoiding illness through the food that they consumed. Certain foods strengthen the immune system making one less susceptible to illness, however today most people consume a primarily processed food diet that does not have any nutrition at all. This increases their chances of contracting illness because these foods that are laced with chemicals and preservatives weaken the immune system. However the younger generation is beginning to turn to nutrition in addition to traditional treatments like acupuncture in Adelaide to help them to become stronger instead of depending solely on antibiotics.

It is has been noted that the younger generation is slowly but surely stepping away from the big corporations such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken and instead opting for clean plant based whole food which will eventually produce a healthier next generation. Although the number of these young people is still low, they are spreading awareness rapidly.

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